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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Dec 22, 2023

Blue Shield of California, Highmark, Intellihealth and NourishedRX discuss how they are mitigating the high costs of GLP-1s with lifestyle interventions such as behavior change, physical exercise, nutritional counseling and coaching to optimize outcomes for members living with obesity and diabetes.


Hear real-life examples and best practices to equip your members with the tools and strategies to achieve lasting success in managing obesity and diabetes beyond the limitations of GLP-1s.


This episode is sponsored by NourishedRX


NourishedRx is a leading digital health and nutrition company specializing in comprehensive nutrition solutions for consumer and health plan members living with diabetes, obesity and other diet-related conditions.


NourishedRx recognized food's healing and connective power, and partners with healthcare organizations nationwide to address the nutritional needs of their most vulnerable populations.


The NourishedRx B:B:C health and nutrition platform facilitates and optimizes personalized, culturally concordant food in addition to the tools necessary to drive lasting behavior change – leveraging technology so YOU can all deliver at scale.


Beyond diet, NourishedRx engages with health plan members and patients to support their whole health and lifestyle more broadly. They engage consumers with omnichannel wrap-around support and education, enabling individuals to make informed choices and gain a deeper understanding of the impact of their diet and lifestyle on their overall well-being, empowering them for the long term.


NourishedRx is well suited as an early alternative and/or companion therapy to specialized obesity treatment, including GLP-1 and other Anti-Obesity Medication therapies.