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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Feb 16, 2024


Leaders from Independence Blue Cross, Banner| Aetna, and Scene Health share exclusive insights on successfully accomplishing chronic condition management success with fewer resources. 


Our expert panel explores patient-centered and technology-enabled approaches that elevate chronic care management efficiency and effectiveness. Don't miss the opportunity to learn about strategic solutions tailored to the unique challenges of Medicaid and Medicare health plans.



Robert Groves, MD, Chief Medical Officer & Executive Vice President, Banner| Aetna

Reetika Kumar, MD, FACP, Vice President, Market Clinical Solutions and Pharmacy Services, Independence Blue Cross

Sebastian Seiguer, CEO & Co-Founder, Scene Health



This episode is sponsored by Scene Health

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Scene’s MedEngagement approach uses 1:1 async video to deliver medication support at scale.


Scene helps members get better fast—getting to the doctor, getting their meds, taking them as prescribed, and getting labs and vitals—driving cost-effective utilization and improving multiple clinical and quality measures in as little as 90 days.


Scene was commercialized out of Johns Hopkins, and has developed the most extensive catalog of peer-reviewed publications among medication adherence companies. Visit its website at for more information.