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Bright Spots in Healthcare

May 20, 2022


David Shulkin, MD, Former U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Kacey L. Serrano, MPA, CPC, CRC, Director, Medicare Stars and Risk Adjustment, Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield

Sean Libby, President, BeneLynk

Today, 22% of Medicare Advantage members are veterans of the United States Armed Forces and 5% of Medicare Advantage members use the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for some of their healthcare needs. However, many health plans don’t have a full understanding of the care their veteran population needs. Panelists share how Medicare Advantage plans can address social determinants of health (SDOH) for its veteran members by identifying their veteran populations and coordinating care with the VA. Topics for Discussion include: Identifying your Medicare Advantage veterans, discovering the value of documenting VA care and understanding military service as a Social Determinant of Health.


This episode is sponsored by BeneLynk, a national provider of social determinants of health (SDoH) solutions for Medicare Advantage and Managed Medicaid health plans. We serve plans and their members by creating a human-to-human connection and providing the assistance a member needs to get the benefits they deserve. By employing one dynamic conversation that flows organically to meet social determinants of health challenges, we build stronger human connections that are supported by innovative technology. We help Medicaid members to retain their benefits through a comprehensive outreach campaign providing information and assistance. All of our services are customized to the specific geography where we provide services and provide the members with the specific information they need to keep their benefits in place. Our mission is to improve lives and positively impact social determinants of health barriers by providing our healthcare partners with the information they need, and people with the advocacy they deserve.


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