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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Nov 16, 2023

Former New Jersey Congressman and Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) CEO, Robert Andrews, joins Eric to discuss how HTA – a cooperative of more than 60 of America’s leading employers –and its members employers are fixing our broken healthcare system by sharing data, challenging the status quo and implementing innovative solutions. Robert shares many bright spots from HTA, including initiatives in medication management and infant mortality. He explains how the cooperative has saved its member companies well over $2 billion in healthcare costs to date.


About Robert

As CEO of the HTA, Robert oversees the strategic direction of approximately 60+ major corporations that have come together in an alliance to fix the broken healthcare system. He is also the Chairman of the Board of Lolo Health, a health tech company that connects consumers to a high-value health experience. Andrews previously led the Government Affairs practice at Dilworth Paxson law firm for two years before joining the HTA.


Before private practice, Andrews served as a Member of the United States House of Representatives for nearly 24 years. Upon his departure from Congress, President Barack Obama praised Andrews’ service as “an original author of the Affordable Care Act…and a vital partner in its passage and implementation” and cited his “tenacity and skill” in representing the people of New Jersey.


About HTA

The Health Transformation Alliance (HTA) is a cooperative of more than 60 of America’s leading employers coming together to fix the broken healthcare system. Formed by four founding members in September 2015, the HTA member companies collectively are responsible for over 8 million employees, dependents, and retirees with an annual healthcare spend of $30+ billion. 

Some members include Walgreens, 3M, Marriott, Shell, Coca-Cola and NextEra Energy.