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Bright Spots in Healthcare

Mar 8, 2024

Leaders from Humana, Blue Cross, and Blue Shield of Rhode Island delve into the dynamic landscape of specialty value-based care, sharing valuable insights and actionable strategies for navigating its complexities. 


Show Guests:

Alexander Ding, MD, MS, MBA, Associate Vice President for Physician Strategy and Medical Affairs, Humana 

Nick Lefeber, Senior Vice President, Value-Based Care, Contracting, Data & Analytics, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island

Rachel Winokur, Chief Executive Officer, TailorCare


This episode is sponsored by TailorCare


TailorCare is a risk-based care navigation program that provides deeply personal support to patients living with joint, back, and muscle pain. By combining a careful assessment of patients’ symptoms, health history, preferences and goals with predictive data and the latest evidence-based guidelines, TailorCare helps patients choose —and navigate—the most effective treatment pathway for them, every step of the way.