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Bringing The Kingdom of God through an Automotive Platform

Mar 27, 2023

·       ..Jesus - Our Father who is in us with us in Heaven right now that place of refuge as is your HOLY name a refuge here in the fellowship of men with Your Son Jesus and Your Spirit – Oh Father thank you that you called me up into this into Your Name Ya whey


·       Your Kingdom bring it, bring it – Bring your Life the river itself - part the sea and allow us to with backs up against the wall relying on nothing but you and your strength come to the place of promises – drown our adversary in your blood – take off his chariot wheels – drown his captains – his wolves – his horsemen


·       Let that blood cleanse me my sin, my brokenness


·       Father – Jesus – Holy Spirit – Into Your Hands – Your righteousness – Your Will we commit our Spirits – My Spirits longs for intimacy- INTO ME SEE with you to be in union with you


·       My Souls – Needs to believe Lord Help my unbelief – show me you are right here witch you – you have been here all along


·       My heart – Dig into that Lord – Dig, dig into that treasure you gave me Help me to See Your heart in Mine


·       Into your hands your nail scarred hands I commit My Mind – Anoint My Wisdom my Understanding, Give me counsel and might and knowledge, Lord anoint my Fear of You and Only You allow me to delight in that fear that I have the biggest baddest Dad Ever…Give the Spirit of A sound mind - thoughts- My Imaginations


·       My Body – my Sexuality – my Rest this weekend – my Health This weekend -


·       Your will Lord – Your delight let that be done My will – Lord align my sense of what is right with Yours and let it be done -here on earth at this camp as it is in Heaven – Help me to taste that afresh


·       Father give us today right now in this session our mana – the mana that you have for me in this time – The bread that I will eat and remember who You are and in that Who I am My True Name


·       Father - daddy Forgive me and help me to accept that- by calling to my mind my unforgiveness and agreements that I need to break,


·       Father lead me away from that place where I test You – that place where I would doubt that you care and Help me to know in all of my being You are sufficient more than enough


·       Father Your Son - Jesus His name means Salvation Lord Save me deliver me bring me into that place tonight where the women caught in adultery was in Your Son’s very presence where No accuser can stay


·       Father breath Your Kingdom Here – Your Life – Your Hope – Your Joy – Your Grace, Yes that place where I know I am your favorite, Father, Jesus Holy Spirit , Your Love –


·       That Love That will protect my Home, My Family, My Ministry, My Job My friends this weekend



·       Father It is under YOUR AUTHORITY -we bring this camp – our time alone – our deepest intimacy- Over this time together in The Fellowship of men


·       In the Name of Jesus That Authority, That Power, That Glory Touching Eternity Amen – Amen