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Movers, Shakers & Rainmakers

Feb 1, 2024

Join David Lat and Zach Sandberg on Movers, Shakers & Rainmakers as they chat with Matt Schwartz, Practice Group Leader and Chair of the US Finance Group at DLA Piper. Matt shares his journey from starting at DLA Piper to running finance transactions to leading the US practice group. He also talks about the evolution and current state of the finance industry, as well as what he expects in the finance world in 2024. The conversation concludes with a discussion of the value of mentorship, for mentors as well as mentees, plus practical advice from Matt about time management. In Moves of the Week, we spotlight one Cravath partner joining Davis Polk, a second going to Freshfields, and Debevoise welcoming Rick Sofield as partner, enhancing its national security offerings. Tune in for a comprehensive look at legal excellence and leadership. Ad don't forget to rate, review, subscribe, and share with your network!