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Song 43

Embracing my Inner Data Junkie

Jul 26, 2023

This weeks finds me taking stock of the prior fiscal year at work, as well as planning for the current fiscal while also trying to get ready for shows and prepare for a 10 day work trip. In other words, I'm doing all the things. As usual. 

I managed to fit a bit of music in there as well over the weekend and just before...

Jul 19, 2023

I've gone from zero to 7 shows in one month and it's getting crazy. Finding time to prep for the shows along with getting ready for a big work trip has left me spinning, but I'm still having a blast figuring it all out.

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Jul 12, 2023

This week is all about gigs. Recaps, prep, pitfalls and the truth behind what it feels like when you're up on 'stage' looking into a room full of people, wondering if they're loving you or hating you. It can be a mind trip, and I'll talk about how you can be a better listener and how we should all pay musicians more...

Jul 6, 2023

The 4th of July weekend was a good one and a frustrating one when Mother Nature would not cooperate for the annual Outer Island show. Listen in as I talk about one of the most annoyoing things musicians face: weather. You can be totally ready to rock when the skies go black and you have to change course. 

Song 43 is...