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Marooned Tunes

Dec 19, 2021

Our heroes listen to an artifact from the 1960’s. The anti-war themed Balaklava, the second album from Pearls Before Swine. How will the four interpret the meaning and how long will it be before someone mentions Tom Rapp’s lisp? And will they learn to speak Eserpanto? And can they survive without Jenn?

Four friends stranded on a deserted tropical island maintain their wits by examining little-known concept albums. Relax with influential music, or taking a deep dive into the ocean of studio production history.

The Journalist: Jennifer Carbin
The Classical Musician: Ruth Dubb
The Rock Guitarist: Vincent Friel
The Pun Addict: Ian Williams

Concept created by Vincent Friel and Brendan Carr. 
Sound engineering, title music and design by Vincent Friel.

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