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Marooned Tunes

Dec 26, 2021

The castaways take a look at Lou Reed’s concept album about a prostitution, drug addiction, depression and suicide. Basically your typical Lou Reed fare from the 70’s. But wait, there are strings and woodwinds, Jack Bruce, Stevie Windwood, Aynsley Dunbar, Tony Levin, and the Brecker Brothers. Hmmm. Who will walk away with a different attitude? Also Jenn is still in her hut convalescing or just sleeping.

Four friends stranded on a deserted tropical island maintain their wits by examining little-known concept albums. Relax with influential music, or taking a deep dive into the ocean of studio production history. 

The Journalist: Jennifer Carbin

The Classical Musician: Ruth Dubb

The Rock Guitarist: Vincent Friel

The Pun Addict: Ian Williams

Concept created by Vincent Friel and Brendan Carr. 

Sound engineering, title music and design by Vincent Friel.

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