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Sep 27, 2022

I have been really excited to see the bundling of education entrepreneurship and innovation in certain regions of the US. You’ll recall that we recently talked about the education entrepreneurship that’s sprouting in New Jersey. There is also a flurry of activity in New Hampshire. I will be spending more time in the coming weeks highlighting the stories of education entrepreneurs who are geographically concentrated, which can often lead to ongoing collaboration and network effects that help to sustain these new enterprises and begin to shift the culture toward a greater embrace of education innovation and schooling alternatives. 

Today, I am excited to focus again on Nevada and the burgeoning microschool movement there. You’ll remember back in May we talked to Ashley and Don Soifer from MicroschoolingNV about the gains in Nevada, and especially in the Las Vegas area. And now I am thrilled to introduce you to Emily Grégoire, a Las Vegas homeschooling mother of 4 and education entrepreneur who founded the Rainbow Room as a part-time, full-day, drop-off program for local homeschoolers.