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Baba Yaga's Magic

Aug 24, 2023

Imagine walking through the fields at high noon during the heat of late summer. You might feel exhausted by temperature and the sun beating down on you, but, if you are in Slavic lands, the heat might be the least of your problems if you encounter the Poludnytsia. The Poludnytsia is the guardian of the fields and crops - a young woman with golden hair dressed in white clothing, wandering the fields at the noon hour during the late summer harvest time. It is said that if you meet her, she will ask you confusing questions and if you can’t answer them, she will kill you. But is she really a murderous monster or is she something more? In this episode, Madame Pamita tells you all about the Poludnytsia and the magic that she makes in the fields, how to avoid her wrath and even give you a guided visualization at the end where you can meet her safely in your mind’s eye.