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Out of Touch: A Hall and Oates Podcast

Welcome to the Hall & Oates Podcast where we discuss everything we love about the duo and their music. We will tackle one song each week, and can't wait to share all the things about one of the greatest bands EVER!

Jun 27, 2022

This week is all about wine! The song Intravino is the perfect soundtrack for a deep discussion with our high school friend and wine aficionado, Jeremy Campbell. We dive into Daryl and John's love of wine, the amazing video for the song, and the intricacies of different varietals...all while drinking wine ourselves....

Jun 21, 2022

We both tried to find the best PRIDE anthem by Hall and Oates and this is where we landed. A classic 90's video, good hair, generic lyrics that are inclusive...this song ticks many boxes.

Is it possible we didn't really know this song (and many others) in the 90's when we were listening to The Cure and De La Soul?...

Jun 12, 2022

This week was a bit of a journey. From the song Wait for Me to Monchichis and ear lobe fortune-telling, we get into several topics that somehow relate back to our heroes, Hall and Oates. Kind of. 

Jun 7, 2022

This week we wonder how old the woman in this song is, and why is John Oates chasing her around corners? We have so many questions about the inspiration behind this song, and genuinely don't know if these lyrics would fly in 2022. Maybe? Let us know what you think! 

Also, MK talks more about how hot Hopper is on...