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Occupational Health Nursing Pulse: AAOHN Podcast

Aug 1, 2022

The onsite clinic model of occupational health nursing offer nurses more direct care of patient employees. Specific to the various industry settings, many opportunities exist for an LPN in occupational health nursing. Jennylynn Balmer talks with Candace Wilmoth, RN at Wayne-Sanderson Farms previously Wayne Farms. Candace has worked as an LPN in the poultry manufacturing industry with a scope a practice from clinical care of lacerations or repetitive motion injuries, health promotion, injury and illness prevention, return to work protocols, employee pre-employment drug screens and post offer assessments. As an on-site clinic nurse, day to day care varies and most beneficial to her, the setting allows for use of more critical thinking skills or even the development of new processes. Being onsite as the nurse responsible for over 700 employees, her skill set and experiences constantly expand. Providing a safe environment and the trust she builds with employees is the one of the most rewarding aspects of her job. She is always on the lookout to update the best practices within her industry setting and credits the great support of her employer.