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Sober Stories

Mar 25, 2022

Kevin Bellack joins Sober Stories host Beth Bowen to discuss how therapy helped him get sober, the way vulnerability can lead to freedom, and how he left his corporate accounting job to work in the recovery space. Beth and Kevin talk about the pain of those late-night binge drinking session, and how so many people live quiet bottoms. Kevin explains how a Blue October lyric gave him a wake-up call, and Beth and Kevin discuss the terror of raising teenagers. Kevin shares what his story would be called: "Open Up, Don't Just 'Man Up'"


Kevin Bellack is a former accountant turned recovery coach. He has been alcohol-free for almost 3 years and used therapy to start his journey off in early 2019. He promotes mental health awareness and provides encouragement, awareness, and tools to help people live an alcohol-free life or to cut back their alcohol consumption. He is currently a Thrive coach on the Reframe app, which is a neuroscience-based iOS app to help people address alcohol's role in their life.


In this episode, we cover:


  • 2 key turning points in Kevin’s life that guided him towards a sober lifestyle.
  • Normalizing males seeking therapy and support when needed.
  • The road to recovery and the major impact of verbalizing your feelings vs. internalizing your thoughts.
  • Building trustworthy connections in the alcohol-free space.
  • Is willpower enough if you have a drinking problem?



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