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Apr 4, 2023

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Privacy! Identity! Positive sum games! All of these are on the agenda as we explore  Civic. Join us as we discuss the frontier of decentralized identity and how positive sum games are intrinsically linked to a shared identity layer. 

Daniel Kelleher is the VP  of Engineering at Civic and has been asking himself what's the best way to roll out identity as we venture forth towards a more identity based web3. Together, we discuss what the future may look like as well as cover the history and the roots of Civic which allowed them to get there.

Tune in to learn how all of this relates to Solana, what Civic Pass is, what the platform looks like, and how to get started.

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🌟Glo | The Anti-Poverty Stablecoin 


Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro 
4:02 Civic Me & Civic Pass Overview
9:27 The Future of Identity 
15:32 Identity vs Reputation
19:21 Use Cases
25:35 Sybil Resistance
33:56 The Next Wave of Users
38:42 Decentralized Identity and Defense
43:51 Sunrise Stake & Regen Funding
48:02 Closing Out


Daniel Kelleher 


Civic Me 

Sunrise Stake - Climate Positive Staking on Solana 

Music by WABI SABI - snowflake -  

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