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Her Two Cents

Mar 25, 2021

Welcome to the Her Two Cents Podcast where your hosts Laura Webb and Faith Doyle come together as two female financial advisors with over 40 years of collective experience to provide a multigenerational perspective on all things money. Our goal is that through these conversations, we can normalize the way women talk about and view money. Breaking up is hard to do, especially financially. Due to the high rate of divorce, this is a topic women need to be talking about. The dissolution of a marriage under any circumstance is difficult but what is the number one thing you need to do according divorce expert Kathleen Miller? First pause, and then GET EDUCATED! Know that knowledge is power. Kathleen says frequently: “no one tells you what to expect, especially since emotions are involved.” She helps us understand the process and breaks down what you need to do to work toward a fair and equitable settlement, keeping in mind, equal is not always equitable. Kathleen Miller CFP®, MBA is President of Miller Advisors and author of Fair Share Divorce for Women. Learn more about Kathleen at