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Dad, How Do I?

This podcast is a deeper dive and behind the scenes look at Rob Kenney, content creator and host of the hit YouTube series "Dad, How Do I?". These episodes are hosted by him and his nephew, Travis Kenney, and provide additional information and topics about Rob's personal life, helpful insights, and will even answer listener's questions. Thank you for listening and please subscribe!

Oct 18, 2022

Hi Kids,

Thank you for listening to another episode of Dad How Do I Podcast, with me (Rob Kenney) and my nephew, Travis.  In this episode, we talk about budgeting, my tik tok video of how to throw a football, the reddit thread that a person mentioned me in, diets, upcoming Nashville trip, our earliest memory, and how sharing stories with others is a way of connecting.  What's your earliest memory?   What stories about your life do you share with others?  I would love to read these answers at 

Thanks for listening and God Bless!