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Dec 28, 2023

In this episode, Brain & Life Podcast hosts Dr. Daniel Correa and Dr. Katy Peters answer your questions! They discuss the advancements in stroke recovery with AI and robot assisted therapy, how lower oxygen impacts brain function, and their thoughts on Botox for head tremors. They also touch on supplements, anti-depressants, and fatigue when it comes to brain health. Thank you to the Brain & Life Podcast listeners who submitted questions. Happy Holidays!


Additional Resources on Botox and Head Tremors

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Strategies and Therapies for Combating Essential Tremor

What Treats Essential Tremor Instead of Medication?


Additional Resources on Low Oxygen

Can High-Flow Oxygen Deliver Cluster Headache Relief?

How Paula Carozzo is Redefining Disability and Advocating for Her Community

Elizabeth Espinosa Gives Voice to Compassionate Caregiving


Additional Resources on Stroke Recovery

Promising Advances in Robotics-assisted Rehabilitation Therapies

Coming Back from Stroke

Timothy Omundson on Stroke Recovery and His Return to Television

Matt and Kanlaya Cauli on Rebuilding Life After Stroke


Additional Resources on Anti-Depressants, Fatigue, and Supplements

6 Fatigue Fighters

Neurologists Share Their Views on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and Supplements for Migraine


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