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Rick Khan podcast

Mar 6, 2023

Want to stay ahead of Facebook ads algorithms, or even better ahead of your competitors?

Then knowing and understanding Facebook machine learning's evolution is crucial to your advertising success.

You see, the old days of advertising on Facebook have changed so much since A.I have evolved.

Facebook today has a different way of how it recommends you use its targeting and campaign setups that utilize its machine learning.

But with that said.

There are reasons to still use some old ways of advertising such as using interests to target where I show you how To Target Interests On Facebook Ads Post-IOS here:

But, what's important is also how you set your goals with Facebook advertising where I show you How The RIGHT Facebook Ads Objective Changes EVERYTHING here:

Now, it's important that you get your ads ahead of the competition if you want Facebook to give you the lowest cost per sale or lead...

Here's a very powerful thing you must know in order to make sure you stay ahead:

Resource from Episode:

Facebook Ads Policy:

Want me to personally set up, Write Your Ad Copy, Create The Creative, and Manage & Launch a Winning Facebook Ad Campaign?

And If You Don’t Get a ROAS Then DON’T Pay a single penny?

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Table Of Contents
00:00 - What Facebook Advertisers Miss
00:52 - Facebook Machine Learning Is Evolving
02:01 - What Is Facebook Machine Learning 
02:42 - 1st top way 
04:41 - 2nd top way 
06:04 - 3rd top way 
07:46 - 4th top way
08:38 - 5th top way
10:08 - Facebook algorithms for detailed targeting