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MLB The Show Weekly

Dec 16, 2023

The conversation covers various topics related to MLB The Show, including gameplay, upcoming seasons, and the best content in the game. The hosts also discuss their favorite programs, series, and team affinity collection rewards. They share their opinions and experiences with different aspects of the game. In this episode, the hosts announce the winners of the MLB The Show awards and discuss the rankings of the players. They debate Randy Johnson's legacy and compare him to other pitchers. The episode concludes with closing remarks and a call to action for listeners. The hosts also reflect on the new year and end the episode.
  • The hosts have different opinions on the best content in MLB The Show, reflecting the diverse preferences of players.
  • The conversation highlights the importance of fresh and engaging content in keeping players interested in the game.
  • The hosts express their excitement for upcoming seasons and the return of popular cards.
  • The discussion on gameplay reveals the competitive nature of the hosts and their dedication to improving their skills. The winners of the MLB The Show Awards are announced.
  • Randy Johnson's legacy as a pitcher is debated.
  • The hosts compare Randy Johnson to other pitchers.
  • Listeners are encouraged to subscribe to the YouTube channel and support the show on Patreon.
  • The hosts reflect on the new year and express gratitude to the listeners.
00:00 Introduction
03:04 MLB The Show Weekly and Yamamoto
06:33 Discussion on MLB The Show gameplay
11:05 High school reunion analogy and upcoming Season 6
18:15 Best Season/Set
20:26 Best Series
23:23 Best Featured Program
25:15 Best Other Program
25:54 Best Team Affinity Collection Reward
52:17 Announcing the Winners
53:00 Ranking the Players
54:06 Debating Randy Johnson's Legacy
55:01 Comparing Randy Johnson to Other Pitchers
56:48 Closing Remarks and Call to Action
58:56 Reflecting on the New Year
59:24 Ending the Episode