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Voice in The Kingdom

Jul 28, 2022

Burning Ones founder, sought-after speaker and author Michael Dow joins Quincy for a Kingdom Conversation sharing his supernatural journey into ministry and giving insight into his latest book, "Beholding and Becoming."

He had been given a terrible medical diagnosis, due to his own life choices, at age 17, that would have doomed his future family to a shared fate. This man had been into about everything you could get into in the streets. Michael's radical encounter with Jesus came after his intended purpose for being at the church that day was to beat up a pastor and then, in Michael's words, he made the mistake of praying. But, God.

He went from experiencing that church service with a song that had the congregation singing about a desire to be lit on fire confusing and even somewhat scaring him, to burning for Jesus for over 20 years and counting.

The latest book by Michael Dow is called Beholding and Becoming and he said, "The book is written with the intent of helping people to better understand that God has a story, that life is not just random, but that God has a story. And that through the Born Again experience, we have been brought into God's story. And now, as a new creation, I am living in light of God's story. Filled with the power of His Spirit to be radically aligned to God and radically aligned to His agenda in whatever unique moment of history my life might be strategically designed and assigned to and that I am a Heavenly Representative."

Michael added, "This is how Paul saw himself. So it's that 2nd Corinthians 5 we now, in light of what God has done, are living as ambassadors   With the Ministry of Reconciliation and the Word of reconciliation and the language, I love it in The Passion and some of the other translations, he says as representatives of God, almost as if God was in us begging and pleading with mankind be reconciled to God while there's still time."

This power-packed testimony driven conversation is well worth your time to watch or listen to be encouraged and challenged.

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