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Voice in The Kingdom

Jul 19, 2022

As we continue in our Kingdom Foundational Stones series with part 4 highlighting the baptism of the cloud Jeff takes us into Hebrews 6 and 11 to point out that the cloud from Exodus is a type and shadow of leadership. We also discuss that it means movement and progression as we apply it to present day truth. God's intention with His people coming out of Egypt was to take them through the wilderness, not let the wilderness be their destruction. Romans 8 tells us that we are led by The Spirit and we discuss that it is God's sovreignty that leads us. We also talk about how maturity in leadership and discipleship should lead to us being light and not fighting about who is right.

This series has also covered the Kingdom Foundational Stones from Hebrews 6 of Repentance from Dead Works and Faith Toward God.

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