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Join us as we share the latest updates about the Central Indiana Non-profit community and talk to the incredible people that make it work. You’ll gain new perspectives, insights, and pathways to carry out your mission and increase your impact.

We hope you find this podcast an invaluable source of information as you navigate the challenges and incredible opportunities in the non-profit industry in the coming years. And along the way, we expect to learn some lessons, too.

Oct 27, 2022

Join Bryan as he speaks with Gurinder Kaur of the Immigrant Welcome Center about how Indiana and Indianapolis are supporting people who need assistance from as near as Haiti and as far away as Afghanistan. Gurinder shares how her journey to Detroit from India was both her first plane trip and her first time seeing...

Oct 20, 2022

Join Bryan as he speaks with Lakshmi Hasanadka of Indiana Afterschool Network about the wide variety of programming that is available outside school hours and the value it creates in learning, connecting families, and connecting to the community.

To learn more about Indiana Afterschool Network, visit

Oct 13, 2022

Join Bryan in this special edition of our podcast that focuses on some of the lessons the Charitable Advisors team has learned from supporting 100 nonprofit CEO/ED transitions and searches. Few nonprofit boards have the capacity to take on a search without support in this tight labor market with busy board members....

Oct 13, 2022

Join Shari Finnell and Bryan Orander as they welcome Dr. Colette Pierce Burnette, the new president and CEO of Newfields. Dr. Burnette talks about what's ahead for Newfields under her leadership and how nonprofit leaders nationally are embracing a new definition for museums.

Learn more about Newfields at

Oct 6, 2022

Join Bryan as he speaks with Damian Dunn of Your Money Line about their innovative program to provide on-call financial advice and coaching to your employees, increasing job satisfaction and retention. We specifically spend time talking about the two student loan forgiveness programs that could benefit nonprofit...