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CashFlow Pro

Sep 12, 2022

“…we want to be masters of what we know….”


At Cash Flow Pro, we aim to help people and accredited investors find their footing in the real estate market. In the 127th episode, we talk with Jonathan New, co-founder, and director of Fair Winds Capital Investments. Johnathan is an active naval commander with 14 years of experience in real estate. He began with single-family flips and eventually switched to syndications. Finally, he got together with other like-minded partners to create Fair Winds Capital, located all over Southeast U.S.A.


Johnathan has led teams of syndicators, managed several concurrent renovation and acquisition projects, spoken in several meetup groups and podcast interviews, raised $1.23M for acquisitions, and gained valuable experience with SEC law compliance. His company has bought $4.59M in properties, completed $1.53M in renovations, and currently controls $8.3M in single-family and small multi-family real estate. They have also teamed up with other active investors to purchase and operate several more significant multi-family deals totaling $17.1M.




In this episode, we discuss:

  • Vertical Integrated business models
  • Southeast real estate market
  • Property management in-house and out
  • Mastering your services
  • Challenges in fundraising
  • Growing your network


Make sure to tune in to this episode to find out more!


Find your flow,

Casey Brown


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