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Inspiration for the Nation with Yaakov Langer

Jul 29, 2023

Rabbi Tovia Singer is the founder and director of Outreach Judaism, a Jewish counter-missionary organization. It's an international organization that responds directly to the issues raised by missionaries and cults, by exploring Judaism in contradistinction to fundamentalist Christianity. Singer cautions regarding...

Jul 22, 2023

Libby's life was changed in an instant when she had a stroke at the age of 15. As life was settling down and Libby was on the road to recovery, her father lost his battle with cancer.


Hear Libby's inspiring story of never giving up hope.



Jul 15, 2023

Yonasan Schwartz was born in Jerusalem, Israel. After he lost his mother at a very young age, he dealt with abuse and forms of abandonment. He got divorced and remarried, became a successful badchin and created the largest jewish toy store called Toys To Discover. He lost 3 of his siblings and he is dedicating his...

Jul 8, 2023

Mendy Levy was born in 2003 in Canada to parents who were members of Lev Tahor, an extremist Jewish cult founded in the 1980s. Shunned by members of other Jewish groups and facing a kidnapping scandal, its leader Shlomo Helbrans had moved Lev Tahor to Canada in the 1990s. Helbrans then moved the group to Guatemala in...

Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein: The Shabbos Project Revolution

Jul 1, 2023

Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein is the Chief Rabbi of The Union of Orthodox Synagogues of South Africa since 2005.


He has a brilliant story where he accidentally started the global movement known as The Shabbat Project.


He also created the Sinai Indaba conference and very powerful changes in the SA government.