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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 15, 2021

Every deer hunter has dreamed of owning their own hunting camp.  Most camps or hunting cabins are usually weathered, or shifted, or rotted. Not to worry though, the Maine Cabin Masters can turn a teardown into an almost-new deer camp palace in just a few months.  We hash out the details of finding and rebuilding a deer cabin with Dixie and Jedi, (aka Matt Dix and Jared Baker of the show Maine Cabin Masters.  And of course, we talk about Matt and Jared’s Maine deer hunting adventures.

Special Guest Host: Wayne Saunders, Warden’s Watch

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Here’s What We Discuss:

  • Discovery Plus, I’m Not a Carpenter
  • Wayne Is a HUGE Fan Too!
  • Gotta Be A Deer Hunter in this Crew
  • We’ve Know Each Other Forever, U Maine Farmington
  • Chase Identified and Opportunity and Trapper Cabin
  • It Wasn’t 16 Kids, but Quite a Few
  • Maine is Like New Hampshire
  • Working on Deer Camps
  • Big Woods, Hard Hunting, Legendary Trackers
  • Fuller Episode, 100 Acres in an 800 Acres Preserve
  • Central Maine Deer Population
  • Deer Living in Minus 20
  • The Alertness of the Maine Whitetail
  • Big Buck Get Big for a Reason
  • Cabins in Maine, Job Security
  • Swillin’ Beers and Deer Camp
  • Soloist Hunting, Live Free or Die
  • Suzie the Dog Cameo
  • The Woodshed in Manchester Maine
  • Lab Family
  • Owning a Piece of Maine Heaven
  • Family or from Scratch
  • Fundamentals vs Ornamentals
  • Post and Piers, Off Level
  • 1st Step, Clean out the Camp
  • Step 2, Jack it
  • The New Metal Post Digger Below the Frost Line
  • Frost Heaving
  • Drill and Pin Ledging
  • It’s a Different Kind of Cold 
  • Hearty Individuals
  • Turning the Elements into a Playground
  • Too Much TV is Insanely Boring
  • Adjusting Camp Levels Every Few Years
  • Camera Shoots and Hours of Explanation
  • North Woods Law Wardens
  • Coffee and Talking 
  • Building Things 3 or 4 Times for Film
  • Get the Work Done after the Film Crew Leaves
  • No, we Can’t Do This Camp
  • 3 Camps at a Time Usually
  • Demo Is Fun
  • Demo vs Dismantling
  • Roof, Step 3
  • Metal vs Shingles
  • Patchwork, Eastern White White, No Sheet Rock
  • Shiplap Super Boards
  • Remote Renovations, Generators and Good Batteries
  • Chase’s Shirt Designs
  • Letterkenny References 
  • Pitter Patter
  • Deer Hunting Grandfather
  • Trackers of Maine, Can’t Sit
  • Upland Game Hunting
  • Pots and Pans, Filling the Freezer
  • Deer Like Elk Sounds
  • Duck Hunting on the Eastern River
  • Bear Season and Grouse
  • Bird Dogging
  • Chase Says High
  • Deer Stories
  • Rapid Fire Questions

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Deer New Contributors - Daniel Applebaum, Tim Donze, Jon Guice

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips

Special Guest: Wayne Saunders from Warden’s Watch