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Someone Like You

Feb 22, 2023

In this week’s episode, we welcome René Gauthier, founder of the sustainable fashion lifestyle brand, Ecologyst. 
René knew he wanted to change the system. But turning away from the successful business he had already built, whose manufacturing and supply chains relied on traditional models, was no easy feat. It meant completely reshaping how the company did business.
At Ecologyst, René and his team are committed to a greener future where we buy less, buy better, and build a lasting relationship with our clothing. All of Ecologyst’s apparel is made in Canada and the U.S. which supports local jobs and creates the highest quality product made of all-natural biodegradable materials like organic cotton and merino wool. Carbon off-set, future-focused and wearable, Ecologyst’s goal is nothing less than the death of fast fashion and a fundamental shift in how we wear, care, and love our clothing. 
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