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Someone Like You

Jan 25, 2023

In this week’s episode, we welcome Steph Spiers, voted 2022’s New England Entrepreneur of the year. Steph is co-founder and CEO at Solstice, an enterprise dedicated to radically expanding the number of American households that can take advantage of clean energy using community-shared solar farms. Solstice’s mission is to work towards greater energy equity and a future in which clean energy works for every American household, regardless of income level, credit score, or any other factor. More so, Solstice has developed « The EnergyScore, » for a more inclusive solar future. Steph is an entrepreneur and community builder with management experience in the middle east, south Asia, and the United States. She believes in deliberate innovation leading to social progress and, through her work at Solstice, wants struggling families to access the same opportunities she’s been fortunate to have.  Follow us on Instagram @someonelikeyoupodcast.