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The Conscious Seeker Podcast

Nov 24, 2022

Have you ever desired something to change so much that it came bubbling up out of you with such intensity that it turned into anger when it was actually potency delivered in a destructive way? Join me as I unpack this topic and share some tools that can assist you with being more present with your potency. 

Nov 24, 2022

A break up hangover is when you end a relationship and start romanticising about all the good things, wishing you hadn’t ended it. Or it could be that job that you couldn’t wait to leave, but are now having regrets and are pondering ways you could get it back. This includes all relationships not just your intimate...

Oct 23, 2022

Do you find yourself shrinking to the needs of others, never speaking up to what is true for you in fear of rocking the boat?

Have you stifled your voice, often hearing the voices of others when you are choosing in business or life?

What if it's time to get your true voice out in the world and stop starving people of...

Aug 29, 2022

Join me with special guest Sarah Watt as we look at the world around us, and the way we interact with it from Different Perspectives. Whether it be in business, relationship or with our furry friends, what if there was no right or wrong with the way we choose, just different. 

Jul 23, 2022

What is the animal kingdom communicating with us and what is our unique way of tapping into that? Join me as I chat with Viv Adcock, Talk To The Animals Faciliatator as she shares the gift she has with animals.