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Hello Playdate Podcast

Sep 13, 2022

Hello, Playdate Community!

This week, Nick and Ryan highlight a couple new indie Playdate titles and take advantage of Don's absence by talking about themselves.

Join us here each week as we examine all of the Season Pass games, as well as discussing news and indie finds from the Playdate community.

Over 250 Playdate games now available on itch.io

The OFFICIAL Playdate Podcast talks Demon Quest 85:

...and drops another episode on Zipper as we were recording:

Panic wants to hire Game Producers:

Indie Games of the Week:

5 More Minutes by Jackson Webb -  

A tribute to Gimme Friction Baby by Notpeter -

Self-promotional HYPE:

Ryan's upcoming book:

Nick is showcasing his homebrew pinball designs at:


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