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Gaming Without Credentials

Jul 27, 2022

In this wacky and wild episode the hosts are talking about the games they played: the unambiguously named The Lord of the Rings, Baseball Highlights: 2045 and The Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game. 

Into the rotation Fleet: The Dice Game is invited and the hosts see Japiur leave the rotation as their limit...

Jul 20, 2022

This persistent podcast talks about the games we played this week as always. We play the prominent co-op Spirit Island, purposeful Copenhagen and the precise Ingenious. We followup with the promising Living Forest joining the rotation.

We end with a discussion about when to buy expansions among the plethora...

Jul 13, 2022

It appears that there are a few games we haven't played yet. Tune in as we talk about our plays of That's Life and Eminent Domain. 

After some Badge Talk, we are excited to bring Memoir '44 into the rotation then finish with a discussion about Draftosaurus as our limit game. 

Jul 6, 2022

We travel by train and space ship with the games we played this week: Trains and Gravwell 2nd Edition. Since Matt has played Red Rising now we touch on that briefly. 

Into the rotation we bring the auction/engine builder Furnace. Last we discuss our many plays of Lost Cities as if we took it to the limit.