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Footy Prime The Podcast

Mar 30, 2023

Fresh off a big #CANMNT win over Honduras, the gang (minus Handsome Jim) is all together at last! Stax, James, Amy, JC, Wonger and a suprise visit by Steve Chang discuss the the state of the CAS, #CANWNT injury woes and that time a game of risk turned real!

The Premier League has a new home in Canada this season:...

Mar 27, 2023

James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan and Dan Wong, along with JC, catch you up on everything you need to hear with mutual firing at Tottenham with Conte exiting, the Canadian Men's side take a victory in Curacao, England looks better than ever and TFC and Vancouver get away points.  It's a banger of a show.


Mar 24, 2023

James Sharman, Amy Walsh, Jimmy Brennan, Craig Forrest and Dan Wong bring some humour and laughs along with Dr. Clare Rustad to the pod.  Clare, a former teammate of Amy's on Canada's Women's National Team, comes off of a 14-hour Emergency Room shift full of lopped off fingers to deliver great insight and dry wit. ...

Mar 22, 2023

The crew is back with James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan and Dan Wong, with a short and sweet visit from JC, the Birthday Boy.  Craig and Jimmy share tales from the sidelines with some prodding, clubbing in England, the big question for Canada is almost answered, then not.  A rousing hour of footy power.

Mar 20, 2023

James Sharman is back and has not missed a beat.  With Craig Forrest and Dan Wong, Sharms holds down the pod with just the right amount of crustiness.  Jimmy Brennan makes a cameo, JC is in MTL and Amy is back on Friday.  So much to talk about and it's all covered in the title.  Welcome back Sharms!

The Premier League...