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The Daniela Cambone Show

Apr 10, 2023

"We've had six super, massive black holes one after another since 2011," argues Claude Bejet, private investor and contributor for the Swiss Gold Letter. "The reason now I'm getting a new spout of energy [for gold miners] is: when you start seeing banks fail, it's probably a good time to get into gold," he tells Daniela Cambone at the 2023 Swiss Mining Institute conference. "I think people should allocate their portfolios with more than 10% of gold, I am massively in the junior gold space," Bejet continues. "Gold miners are undervalued versus gold. Mid caps are very undervalued versus gold, and the small caps are seeing total dislocation so you have fantastic opportunities there," he says. "You have to find an edge, I think now we are going into a stock-picking era," Bejet warns. "Gold analysts are now traumatized and are penalizing growth, so one of the best strategies is to buy growth companies like Equinox Gold at a discount," he says. "It's a pretty good sign to see investors like Ross Beaty and Frank Giustra enter the market for what they believe is a big bull cycle," Bejet concludes.