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Miami Minutes

A movies by minutes podcast

Apr 29, 2023

Jim is still bawling his eyes out but he knew that one day he'd find his dear ol' deadbeat papa! Dead OR alive, it doesn't matter - just gimme that daddy!

The tone shifts as the gang head to the beach to be absolute pervy weirdos. That'll cheer everybody up! Beach, booty and babes... what more could these dudes want? AN...

Apr 22, 2023

The boys listen intently to this familial tale of woe. Some serious male bonding is going on right now, everybody.

We find out the full story of Jim's parents, all the way from loyalty to complete abandonment. Real loyal...

Also, where the hell did Jim grow up?!?!?

The next episode follows in one week, friends!

Join us...

Apr 15, 2023

A bombshell falls this week as Jim reveals a huge secret... HE'S NO ORPHAN! Well, technically he's not... I think this is all splitting hairs, but Mark and the crew are SHOCKED!

This should be a lesson: don't pressure people into telling you stuff! Just drink a Michelob and chill.

The next episode follows in one week,...

Apr 8, 2023

Somehow, Dexy has returned... only to get beaten to a pulp!

Our boys have survived and they head back to their swingin' bachelor pad for some cool beers and hot showers... as well as some light bullying.

The next episode follows in one week, friends!

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Apr 1, 2023

Tactical retreat is the name of the game this week, family... but that doesn't mean that our boys aren't going to take some bozos down along the way! Mark is on fire as he unleashes the beast - no kidney or face is safe. Get these hands!

It's not just The Korean Killer in full flow either - John shows just to utilise...