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Wellness For The Rest Of US

Nov 9, 2022

Holly Jean Jackson, Holistic Business Coach, Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, and founder of Business Builder Throw Down. Her career spans from technology to communications as well as organizational change, public relations and content strategy.

She has dedicated over 12 years to helping business leaders get their groove back physically, mentally, and emotionally. Holly led a Local to Global Policy Initiative to influence future leaders' impact on communities.

Fun Fact: Played in Carnegie Hall's first chair clarinet and is Black belt in karate. In her Transformational Coaching Method, she takes a wholistic and logistical approach to success. After all, one can’t have massive success in business without a life of equal or greater success. Business owners hire her to master the art and science of real success because most lack direction, action, and results. So, she helps define and design a business roadmap for impactful visibility, intentional profitability, and endless sustainability.

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