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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 27, 2022

Most people find growing mushrooms much harder than other food crops, but Jordan Jent discovered that they were one of the only crops he could grow successfully.

Starting from scratch, he learned everything he could about the science and techniques of mushroom growing. Through a lot of trial and error, he’s mastered the craft and now produces 700 to 800 pounds weekly, supplying 30+ restaurants.

Tune in to explore:

  • The basic steps to grow mushrooms from start to finish
  • Tips for preventing bacteria and mold from forming on mushroom crops
  • Why mushrooms are more closely related to humans than plants
  • How long it takes to grow different types of mushrooms
  • How quickly mushrooms need to be picked from the substrate (and why)
  • The shelf life of different mushrooms and how to ensure freshness  
  • How Jent’s background in the restaurant industry helped him build a successful full-time operation as a mushroom farmer
  • Why chefs benefit from working with a local mushroom grower as opposed to a wholesale food distributor  

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