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Surviving Hard Times

Sep 30, 2022

Dr. Andre Luiz Biscaia Ribeiro da Silva joins the podcast today to discuss topics surrounding vegetable crops and organic agricultural systems. Dr. da Silva is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture at Auburn University, where he runs an extension program and conducts extensive horticultural research. 

With an interest in addressing the needs of commercial agriculture in the southeastern U.S., Dr. da Silva “conducts on-farm trials, field days, county meetings, educational videos, web-based resource tools, and publishes extension bulletins” to fulfill his scientific vision.

In this episode, we explore:

  • The importance of being aware of environmental conditions when farming vegetables.
  • The nuances in irrigation systems across different climates.
  • How to really water plants.
  • What cover crops are, and when they should be planted.

Dr. da Silva has a clear goal for his extension program: to provide science-based information to members of the vegetable farming industry in order to encourage the sustainable intensification of vegetable production. Want to know how he accomplishes this? Join the conversation now to find out!

Click here to learn more about Dr. da Silva and his work, and email him with any questions at

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