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Surviving Hard Times

Oct 20, 2022

What might the next few months look like in terms of the economy, and how could it impact you personally? What about the next few years?

This is just one of many important questions answered by today’s guest, real estate investor, and mentor, John Williams. Before the age of 30, Williams sold $100 million in real estate and has represented many high-profile individuals in the real estate and investment sectors. 

He also creates educational YouTube videos packed with economic insights to help you anticipate and plan for what's to come.

Press play to learn:

  • Advertising: how major corporations will use it in the coming months, and what this will do to small businesses
  • Why brick-and-mortar businesses might disappear over the next five years, and what will take their place
  • Why Williams believes real estate is in bigger trouble now than ever before, and how this will impact rent costs and rent control across the country
  • Tips for securing your place in the market, especially if you hold a traditional job (e.g., roofer, plumber)

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