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Surviving Hard Times

Mar 7, 2023

Without clean water, our society would crumble – so what are we doing to deal with the effects of water pollution? Gary Conley, an expert in hydrology, pollution dynamics, and applied math joins the podcast to discuss his approach to tackling water pollution problems.

Gary is the Chief Scientist at 2NDNATURE, a company that designs and builds software to simplify stormwater resource management, planning, and reporting. With a particular focus on urban environments, Gary and his team are dedicated to improving watershed stewardship and reducing the cost of clean water across US communities…

Jump in now to learn about:

  • The two primary sources of the problems that contribute to water pollution in cities.
  • The impacts of water pollution on the overall environment. 
  • What ambient water quality is, and its benefits.
  • Ways to estimate the progress of water quality improvement.

To discover more about 2NDNATURE and their work, visit now!

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