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Surviving Hard Times

Jan 27, 2023

Joining us in this episode is Dr. Wolfgang Smith, a mathematician, physicist, philosopher of science, and metaphysician. Born in 1930, Dr. Smith developed his understanding of the world through the lens of philosophy and physics. Over the years, his fascination with these subjects has enabled him to apply a critical perspective to some of the world’s biggest questions.

During his time as a researcher, not only has Dr. Smith met the great Albert Einstein, but he has also written many books including Physics and Vertical Causation: The End of Quantum Reality, The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key, and Vedanta in Light of Christian Wisdom. In addition to this, he has also contributed to film documentaries – one of which is coming out soon…

Join the conversation now to uncover:

  • If humans are anywhere close to figuring out the nature of reality.
  • The two things that physics consists of. 
  • What a “scientistic belief” is. 
  • The importance of the wisdom that bygone ages have passed on to us.

Wondering what Dr. Smith has found through all of his years investigating philosophy and physics? Jump in now to find out!

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