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Conscious Fertility

Nov 29, 2022

People find healing in different ways. It’s more than just a physical process, and science is beginning to back this up.  

John G. Kruth is one of the scientists who has dedicated his life to trying to explain the unexplainable. When people claim to be clairvoyant, psychic, telepathic or have any other abilities that can’t be easily explained with science, John and his research team are there to study it. 

In this episode, John teaches us how he and his team test different parapsychological phenomena that aren’t easily explainable by current scientific studies. He makes the connection between bioenergy and consciousness to help explain why our thoughts might create our reality more than previously believed. 

Based on his research, it seems that it is, in fact, possible to jump the timeline and create healing for ourselves in ways that would normally be considered impossible, or even miraculous.   


Key Topics/Takeaways:

- The different types of healing [2:12]

- The 5 phenomena of parapsychology [5:49]

- Being open-minded about people’s experiences  [11:23]

- Studying the human biofield [13:41]

- Testing healing with light [21:08]

- How we unconsciously block healing [26:59]

- Defining consciousness vs. Consciousness [35:32]

- Miraculous healing [43:04]

- Quantum healing and biological upgrades [46:40]


Where To Find John:


John G. Kruth is the Executive Director of the Rhine Research Center and the founder of the Rhine Education Center. He has been studying parapsychology informally for over 35 years and has been a formal member of the Rhine research team since 2009. His research has included studies related to energetic healing methods, bioenergy signatures, out-of-body experiences, qualitative case studies, mind-matter interaction, and poltergeist phenomena. He is a business leader, an educator, and a parapsychologist.


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