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Against The Wind: Leadership at 36,000 Feet

Oct 27, 2022

Featured Guest: Dr. Blanca Cavazos

Superintendent of the Year- Runner Up, National Association of School Superintendents

Superintendent of the Year, Association of California School Administrators

Executive Coach & Retired Superintendent

Dr. Blanca G. Cavazos is a partner with Leadership Associates, an executive search and leadership development firm in California.  Prior to this position, Blanca served as an educator for over 39 years at the elementary, secondary and university levels.  She served as superintendent in California for over eight years.  Blanca holds a doctorate in  Educational Leadership.  Prior to her superintendent assignment, she served in various administrative capacities including  Chief Instructional Officer, Task Force Administrator, High School Principal, Assistant Principal of Instruction and Assistant Principal of Special Services.  Her experience includes coaching superintendents and  district and site level administrators in K-12 public schools.