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Dixie on the Rocks

Dec 14, 2022

On this week of Dixie on the Rocks, Padraig Martin discusses the further right shift of the Overton Window and the rapidity of accumulating losses by the left as it pertains to control of the narrative. In addition, Padraig covers four articles that explore important topics of the past week: (1) Jason Kessler's VDare article, "The Twitter Files: Know Your Spooks" (; (2) Jonathan Turley's perspective on the Sam Bankman-Fired arrest - clearly designed to protect Congressional leaders from being named in a Congressional hearing ( ; (3) The Zman's rebuke of the "professional Christian class" - modern Pharisees - in his article entitled Welcome To The New Rome | The Z Blog (; (4) Tom Shackleford's outstanding Identity Dixie article covering the Russia-Ukraine War's real status and origins in "The War, As Concise as Possible" One additional part of the broader conversation this evening is a simple recognition that Judeo and Christian cannot coexist and why and why the LGBT "community" is destined for Hell.

Come have yourself a listen!

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