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SEEing to Lead

Apr 4, 2022

Jon shares, speaks and leads educational professional learning for educators internationally. Jon has been named a County Teacher of the Year, 2019 Top 100 Educational Influencer, an NBSA 20 to Watch Educator, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and Google Certified Innovator. Jon is the co-author of The Eduprotocol Field Guide, and The Eduprotocol Field Guide Book 2 (both Amazon #1 best-sellers) and contributor to the Eduprotocols Math Edition (another #1 Amazon best-seller!).

Jon recently wrote the conclusion for the #1 Best Seller 100 STOP Series first edition.

100 No-Nonsense Things that ALL Teachers Should Stop Doing

Jon created the CUE Rock Star series (Rock Star Teacher, Admin, and Specialty events) and as the former Chief Academic Officer and Executive Director of CUE, led and designed highly effective professional learning for over 60,000 educators over the last 6 years. Jon has over 17 years in the classroom, as well as site admin and County Assistant Superintendent experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • It's important to see schools from different lenses. Make sure to notice different perspectives and use that.
  • Focus on "I get to" instead of" I have to".
  • Adopt a "pain is mandatory, misery is optional" mindset.
  • Leaders are responsible for "lighting up the room".
  • Clarity is key to staff support and engagement.
  • Is there's a huge honesty issue between teachers and administrators when it comes to evaluations.
  • It's important to advertise that your school is keeping pace with the modern changes and requirements of education.
  • Empathy should be a key outcome for our students so that in the least we are raising good human beings.
  • Be the crazy friend serving doppio espresso instead of Café Americano. Try that new restaurant.
  • Make sure we are educating and building relationships with the big picture in mind


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