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SEEing to Lead

Dec 12, 2022

Rick Butterworth is a co-founder & leads engineering and operations at Wakelet. He studied aviation technology at Salford University, obtained his private pilot’s license, and worked as an airport consultant, before joining Wakelet. His interests include UX, product, coding, and Web3.

Tisha Poncio, M.S. Learning Technologies/Instructional Design, has served in education for the last 21 years. She has led students in the classroom teaching English, Web Design, Graphic Design, Business Computers, Programming, and Broadcast Journalism and coached educators and administrators as a digital learning specialist for 12 years. She is a Google Certified Trainer and was named a finalist in 2018 for Instructional Technology Specialist of the Year in Texas. She has presented at numerous educational technology conferences across the nation and in her home state of Texas speaking about student leadership, student autonomy, digital citizenship for all ages, and meaningful technology integration. She currently serves as Wakelet's Digital Learning Specialist.

Key Takeaways:

  • Weekly open to up a new wave of engagement and empowerment in the classroom among both teachers and students.
  • The ease of wakelet's use helps people address how students learn best and empower them to be autonomous.
  • Wakelet is much more than just a curation tool.  It's an edtech party boss.  It makes time more efficient, has templates, and helps you create a flow with links from various resources experienced.
  • Wakelet creates a system of information for its users in a simple and convenient manner. It becomes a hub for all information.
  • Wakelet helps differentiate levels of support for teachers by creating an efficient system that is easy to use. It is about less clicks and a design that acts as a benefit rather than an add on to the already overwhelming amount of responsibility.
  • There are templates and a ton of resources and ideas on youtube.
  • Wakelet helps change pedagogy because it opens new ways to create and document progress.
  • It helps students become leaders of their own education.
  • If you’re not making someone’s life better than you’re wasting your time.

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