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SEEing to Lead

Aug 29, 2022

Joshua Yeager is a servant leader who strives to be compassionate and loyal while holding a high level of integrity. With fifteen years of dedicated service in the areas of business, education, and leadership, he feels that now is the time to collaboratively be a catalyst of change by providing a high level of quality leadership that increases principal and teacher capacity. Joshua has held many leadership roles in K-12 schools such as teacher, coach, literacy coordinator, assistant principal, special projects, principal, and director of schools. He is currently a PhD candidate in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis in Leadership, at the American College of Education in Indianapolis, Indiana. Joshua has a continued commitment to ensuring that all students and teachers are  competitive at the highest level in a global society. Currently, he resides in Hattiesburg and has one daughter who's a freshman in high school. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Teachers will perform to the level that they believe they can perform at if supported.
  • You have to become uncomfortable if you are going to continue to grow to your greatest potential.
  • Professional development needs to be teacher centric, engaging, and relevant.
  • Whole school improvement becomes second nature when teachers are being coached.
  • Regular ceremonies to champion teachers and students is essential to building a successful culture.
  • Don’t use existing policies as an excuse not to change. They were meant to be adjusted.
  • Being visible all day every day is a key to leadership.
  • Leadership isn’t about the leader, but instead those they lead. Practicing humility is essential.

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