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Adjusting the Sails

Sep 4, 2023

When Kyle was born, Leeann and her family were thrown into a tailspin. Life changed quickly for the Pellegrins and they found themselves navigating an unknown diagnosis and new lifestyle. Leeann's advocacy and tenacity ensured Kyle received the inclusive education and medical care he deserved. Leeann narrates a story of raising a child with special needs during a time when resources are limited and how she empowered Kyle and his brothers to be advocates for themselves and others with special needs.   She discusses the sibling dynamic and how having a child with special needs affects her other children from her parent lens, and the inspiration for her book, Hey, I'm Alex, written from Kyle's younger brother's perspective. 

Check out Hey, I'm Alex on Amazon. 

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Sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Office of Maternal, Child, and Family Health/Children with Special Health Care Needs Program and the West Virginia Family 2 Family Health Information Center and Produced by the West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities. 


Episode transcript available here.