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May 12, 2023

In this episode of The Creator Feed, hosts Jim Louderback and Renee Teeley cover the latest news and trends in the creator economy. They start by discussing Clapper, a new short-form app aimed at older generations with a surprisingly controversial past. The hosts also discuss YouTube's introduction of Shorts to its Video Reach Campaigns and Select options -  and TikTok's expansion of Pulse to give brands access to videos from trusted partners. They also touch on YouTube's new feature for expiring community posts and the option to tag and pin products to live streams on mobile devices. Additionally, they talk about TikTok's efforts to sort out deep fakes and the breakdown of jobs posted on YTjobs. Finally, they discuss Forbes' discovery of the sensitive words list used by ByteDance, which includes TikTok-related words.



Clapper, the TikTok style app for old folks

A Tale of Two Upfronts


YouTube Updates: Expiring Posts & Tag Products On Mobile for Live Streams

Sorting Out Deep Fakes:

Paddy Galloway shared a breakdown of jobs posted to YTjobs

Bytedance sensitive words list - include TikTok words.  Not a good look - 

Bytedance’s sensitive words tool includes TikTok-specific phrases.