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Sep 26, 2022

This week on The Creator Feed, Renee and Jim explore what the new monetization changes coming to Shorts mean for creators, for YouTube overall, and for TikTok and Instagram as well. In addition, they talk about two crazy news stories built around leaked documents, including Patreon’s failed experiment with two top TikTokers - which could have exacerbated its 17% “RIF” - and how TikTok (along with Facebook and presumably others) has different community guidelines and rules for top creators.  Also, a look at how ESPN’s new creator partnership program is a bald-faced creator rip-off, and Twitch’s dumpster fire of a week, where creators ran amuck, bribes were publicly made, and some creators got their pay cut.  And finally, two videos for you to watch.  One features celebrity machinations of the cringy kind, while the other celebrates a new Netflix show from one of our favorite youtube creators.


YouTube Shorts 

Patreon’s TikTok Problems

TikTok’s Special Moderation System

ESPN Take Advantage of Creators

Twitch’s Bad Week

Videos of the Week

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